Wednesday, June 30, 2010

A Montessori Vacuum Review

I'm not one of those people that can just go to the store, see something and buy it. Oh, no, no. I have to research. And contemplate. And comparison shop. Until the whole thing loses all meaning and I give up, or my need finally pushes me to pick something, anything!

I recently did this with a car seat (I finally settled on a pink Britax Frontier 85), new beds (gave up, it's impossible to find a bed that meets the challenge of my chemical phobia and budget) and finally this vacuum.

Eureka 431F Optima Bagless Upright Vacuum Cleaner Eureka Optima

I visited it at Target multiple times, read reviews, got recommendations from other Montessori peeps that this was the vacuum to get. It fit all my criteria: Cheap, lightweight, telescoping handle for shorties, but still powerful enough to use as my sole vacuum. To top this off, I had a gift card to Target so the purchase was actually free. Did I jump at it?

No, I waited a couple more weeks. And then I jumped at it. You can never be too careful when purchasing a vacuum.

My personal review of this vac is that it's a great little vacuum for a small space like mine. It works great on both carpet and hard floors and it can suck like nobody's business.

My Montessori mom review is... meh. The size is perfect for my almost-three-year-old to handle, but it's not as light as I hoped. Having lifted every vacuum at Target, the Eureka Optima was definitely on par with any other lightweight upright, but once you turn it on it suctions itself to the floor in such a way that it's not easy to move. I have no problem, but my shortie does. I know with time she will grow into it, but I was hoping to make vacuuming easier for her now.

And true to young child form, she's shown little interest in vacuuming since I bought it.

I would recommend the Optima to others, especially those with kindergarten age kids, but maybe wait a little longer to buy a vacuum for the under four or five crowd.

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