Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Transitions, part II

Whew! What a whirlwind Montessori school has been! This past month just flew by.

The transition was in fact tough. Ryann rebelled. And the first two weeks had me doubting that she could handle five days a week in school. She came back energized each day, but crying into her pillow every morning that "I just want to stay home" had me worried.

And then things magically fell into place. She woke up excited to get to school after about three weeks. She loves her teachers, especially her "boy teacher" as she calls the male assistant in her room. She comes home with lots of collage work. And you can see her apply what she learns at school at home, like walking softly, using careful movements and taking care of her own dressing and care. All things I had encouraged at home but she had resisted.

I feel we are over the hump and getting comfortable in our routine, which is a relief. I have a number of posts rattling around in my head so be on the lookout for more from me. I had worried that once school started I would be less motivated to keep this blog, but I actually think the reverse is true. Especially as I interact with the parents at Ryann's school who really want and need resources for extending their childrens' education into their everyday life.

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  1. My middle child always has trouble transitioning also. I have even had her get upset when one activity doesn't pan out and I replace it with a more favorite activity. In order to not get frustrated, I now plan "surprises," but do not tell them what the surprise is... this way the surprise can be anything from popping up at their cousin's ball game to playing at our favorite park, to getting our favorite snack to eat outside our favorite fountain at the library!