Monday, April 11, 2011

My first guest post

I have entered the territory of "guest poster" and I'm so excited! My good friend and mommy blogger over at Busy at Home let me post a story about a project Ryann organized. Head over to Busy at Home to read my post and also check out Susan's other posts as they are never less than inspiring.

Stay tuned for a post about Ryann's toy room makeover as well. Yet another major project organized by a three-year-old. I will show you guys what we did and what I learned about interior designing with a preschooler later this week.


  1. One of my biggest challenges it to try and embrace the 3 year old's sense of organization. My guy's idea of sorted, is not the same as mine... so I'll look forward to how Ryann's thoughts led to her version of an organized play room.

  2. So glad I found you here! I'm going to add you and Susan to my blog roll. :) How fun!