Friday, January 29, 2010

Peeling a banana

Yesterday we peeled a banana. Yeah, not a big deal in the grand scheme of things. In fact, while Ryann was excited about it when we started, she seemed not impressed by the end result. What I found amazing about the peeling exercise was that she followed it from beginning to end and actually paid attention to what I was showing her!

I think the turning point for this hyperactive girl was getting a rug that is used exclusively as an activity rug. "Exclusively" for putting a puzzle together once as of the time of this writing, but just the *idea* of a specific place to do activities really helped Ryann take it seriously. The activity rug is a subject for another post however!

So yesterday we peeled a banana.

First, it helps to define the area and a cutting board worked well for this.

Cut into the top of the banana with a serrated knife. We used a butter knife.

Just make a shallow cut like this.

Peel each side carefully.


Afterward we practiced cutting. And she promptly lost interest. 


  1. Adam has been helping me cut bananas lately, too! I've been trying to teach him how to slice, but I've never thought about letting him peel it!

    We specifically are making this recipe and it is both yummy and something Adam is able to help stir (and eat!):

  2. Melissa, she really was! She really loves bananas so she will be happy to peel her own.

    Susan, awesome recipe, that looks so good! I always thought peeling would be too hard for little hands, but after cutting the top with a knife it's really super easy.