Tuesday, December 15, 2009

First activity for toddlers - hand washing

My plan is to start simple and with a small amount of setup. We are going to "learn" hand washing today. The thing I am most concerned about is getting my daughter to pay attention to the instructions and proceed in a calm manner. Hand washing is something she does all the time, but she generally uses far too much soap and makes a huge mess with the water so learning the proper way to wash her hands might be fun.

I've never been quite clear on exactly how to explain an activity to the child. I know you are supposed to show rather than explain verbally (which I will talk more about in future posts) but I wasn't sure on the specifics. I found this set of videos on YouTube that seem to be done exactly the way it would be explained to the child. I found this really helpful.

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  1. I love "Bubble Gloves". Genius! I can never get Tori to use soap on her entire hand so this will even help with her, even though she is older. And ironically, tonight at gymnastics Lucas was BEGGING me to let him wash his hands. Perfect timing!