Monday, December 14, 2009

So it begins

I have been interested in the Montessori method since I was pregnant, if not before then. It's one of those things that always felt right to my unschooled mind. But like most things that take planning and motivation, I have yet to follow through on my grand plans created before a giggling, screaming, distracting child graced my life. Every so often I say I'm going to start "doing" Montessori, but I tend to get overwhelmed quickly and have no idea where to begin.

Ever since my daughter became entrenched in toddlerhood I can't seem to get her to sit still for anything, especially an explanation from me. While I already use many Montessori principles in our daily lives, like respect for the child, actual activities have alluded me. I tried it once or twice, but she never seemed to be interested in following directions or completing a task. I know that Montessori activities can be used at any age, but they weren't for Ryann at that age. She was much too busy with her own agenda to listen to mine. After entering the Twos, however, I'm beginning to see a shift in her focus and I know she will be much more interested in structured play and activities.

Now all I need is the patience and energy to actually do it.

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